Which Automatic Door is Right for Me?

At Automatic Access, we stock a varied range of automatic doors, with solutions designed to suit almost every possible application.

With such a broad choice available, you might have some difficulty deciding just which solution is right for you. In this quick guide, we’ll briefly outline what each design can do, and in what sort of situation it might be used.

But if you need any additional assistance in deciding which automatic door solution is suitable for your requirements, feel free to get in touch. To talk to one of our qualified technicians, call us on 0116 269 5050, or use our online contact form.

Automatic Sliding Doors

These are the good all-rounders. They’re suitable for use in almost any building, but they’re particularly favoured by hospitals and supermarkets, as they provide a wide entrance that’s perfect for manoeuvring hospital beds and shopping trolleys.

Automatic Swinging Doors

Automatic swinging doors are usually installed from scratch, but it’s also possible to modify an existing door to open automatically. They can be single leaf, double leaf, fully automatic, or low energy. They’re a highly versatile solution that’s perfect for areas that are not large enough to accommodate full-size automatic sliding doors.

Automatic Revolving Doors

Revolving doors are designed for crowd control, to be used in buildings that see a large and sustained footfall of visitors throughout the day, such as office blocks, hotels, and shopping centres. As they bring a number of unique security benefits, they’re also widely used by such public buildings as banks and universities.

Automatic Balanced Doors

Another space-saving solution, the unique appeal of automatic balanced doors is that they have been specifically designed to be easy to open and close – even in high winds. If your building’s open to the public, then you’re required under the Disability Discrimination Act to take measures to improve accessibility for all visitors. So if you have not got the space for a full set of automatic sliding doors, automatic balanced doors might be just what you need.

Automatic Telescopic Doors

Automatic telescopic doors look professional and inviting while providing ease of access for all. However, with their telescopic design, they take up significantly less space. They therefore allow businesses with smaller premises to enjoy all the benefits that full-size automatic sliding doors offer.

Automatic Bi Folding Doors

The ultimate space saving solution, automatic bi folding doors are designed to provide ease of access to buildings with narrow entrances or passageways. But with their stylish and elegant opening mechanism, they also happen to create an excellent first impression for visitors, to the extent that they’re even favoured by some businesses who don’t have space considerations.

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