Places of Worship

Places of worship hold significant importance for individuals and communities across the UK. Whilst their significance may vary depending on the specific faith and belief, their core values all resonate around charity, community and coming together.

With tens of thousands of religious buildings throughout the country, it’s important that places of worship are accessible and secure. Automating suitable existing doors, or replacing older, perhaps worn-out doors with an automatic door can provide numerous benefits such as:

  • Providing highly accessible and inclusive access
  • Security and safety
  • Long-term cost savings – minimal maintenance required
  • Compliance with accessibility laws
  • Creating an inviting entrance for visitors

At Automatic Access, our expert team can work with you and advise on the most appropriate solution to meet all requirements and regulations, for both internal and external doors, on any type of religious building.

We understand that raising the necessary funding for building or renovation works is sometimes difficult. Therefore, we have curated a list of resources to help you identify and explore potential grants and funding options. We would also suggest reaching out to any trusts that are local to you, as they are often able to provide aid and further advice.

For more information on our automatic door solutions, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team to discuss your requirements.