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NHS: The Greatest British Institute

When the National Health Service was launched on 5th July 1948, the aim was to provide free health care for all UK residents. Regardless of their social standing, income, employment status or any other factors, people are entitled to receive medical treatment free of charge. It replaced the payment of fees for treatment: a system

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Retailers’ fire Safety Advice

Retail business owners have a responsibility to employees and customers to reduce the risk of fire hazards. They must also have a clear evacuation strategy in place in the event of a fire breaking out. Risk assessments are required by law to identify potential hazards and reduce the risks. Failure to comply will result in

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Freedom Day 2021: Business Rights

With the prospect of Covid-19 restrictions being completely relaxed in England on 19th July, polls have revealed increasing public alarm as new cases rise to more than 42,000 in one day. This is the highest number of infections in a 24-hour period since 15th January 2021. The final step of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s exit

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Disabled Access: Why it’s Essential

A new report reveals people with disabilities are struggling with easy access to a section of the hospitality sector. Some businesses are not adapting to accommodate all customers, despite disabled access being essential, no matter what your business. It’s crucial to make sure every customer is treated equally. If businesses get a bad reputation for

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Helping Customers with Social Anxiety

People across the UK are looking forward to life getting back to normal, as the government gradually eases the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. However, the long period of living through a pandemic, since the first lockdown started in March 2020, has left some people dealing with social anxiety. This condition can manifest itself in many ways,

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