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How to Prepare your Gym for the New Year

It may seem early days, but it’s time to start getting your gym ready for the New Year. Although it’s still December, it’s almost the time that every gym and health club owner looks forward to the January rush! Traditionally, this is the time when thousands of people kickstart their fitness journey after a festive

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Energy Price Crisis: How To Reduce Business Overheads

When you have a business to run, it’s crucial to save on energy bills as much as possible as we head into winter. Amid the backdrop of soaring gas prices in particular, cutting energy costs is important to your financial wellbeing. However, looking into what you’re paying in terms of gas and electricity costs and

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WWII US Army Hospital: England

The arrival of American soldiers in the North Somerset village of Wraxall during World War II transformed life for local residents in years to come. The friendly invasion of US troops in 1943 was in preparation for the D-Day landings. Prior to the Allied forces’ assault on the German occupation of France on 6th June

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NHS: The Greatest British Institute

When the National Health Service was launched on 5th July 1948, the aim was to provide free health care for all UK residents. Regardless of their social standing, income, employment status or any other factors, people are entitled to receive medical treatment free of charge. It replaced the payment of fees for treatment: a system

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Retailers’ fire Safety Advice

Retail business owners have a responsibility to employees and customers to reduce the risk of fire hazards. They must also have a clear evacuation strategy in place in the event of a fire breaking out. Risk assessments are required by law to identify potential hazards and reduce the risks. Failure to comply will result in

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