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The Meaning of The Christmas Wreath

Hanging up a Christmas wreath on the front door is one of the many traditions that takes place during the festive season, but where does this tradition stem from, and what does the wreath symbolise? © Mikhaylovskiy / Adobe Stock   Roman origins Early forms of wreaths are said to date back to the Roman

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One too Many: The Impact Drinking has on our NHS

With its usual round of parties and festive drinking, as Christmas approaches, spare a thought for the emergency services who will be dealing with an influx of patients suffering from the effects of alcohol-related injuries and illnesses. While most of us are enjoying ourselves, some people will be having one too many, without thinking of

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Harry Potter: Platform 9¾

Fans of author JK Rowling’s famous Harry Potter series will know that it’s “all aboard” for the Hogwarts Express at King’s Cross Station – where pupils embark for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

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Wheelchair Access: We Want to Party!

People of all ages like to party – and, in particular, it’s a rite of passage for young people to go to nightclubs and enjoy their youth.

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Dr Hook: Walk Right In!

American rockers Dr Hook enjoyed success on both sides of the Atlantic when they were at the peak of their popularity. Enjoying regular chart hits between 1972 and 1979,

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