New EU Regulations For The Automatic Door market. EN 16005

On April 10th, after a six month transition period, new EN 16005 regulations come into force. EN 16005 has consequences for the entire automatic door industry.

The EN 16005 shall apply in all CEN member countries, and therefore concerns the following nations: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
What does EN 16005 cover?
These new regulations cover safety in use of power operated pedestrian door sets used for normal access, in escape routes and as fire resistance and/or smoke control door sets. Power operated pedestrian sliding, swing and revolving door sets, including balanced and folding doors.
Starting April 10th, 2013, all new installations must comply to the EN 16005. The standard does not apply to power operated doors in use before the official CEN document was published on October 10th 2012.
The EN 16005 shall be given status of a European standard, and supersedes no existing European norm. In case new regulations conflict with national standards the latter will be revoked, at the latest April 10th 2013.
What is Expected?
• New installations must comply to the EN 16005
• A risk analysis must be conducted during the sales stage. The outcome is important for the final implementation of the power operated door set(s) and its safety accessories
• Installer and user commission the power operated door set together.All door functions have to be approved by the user
• Clealy published manuals with content details outlined by EN 16005, should be provided.
• A list, clearly outlining safety functions and safety products, must be present at the automatic doors.
• Maintenance of the door is required on regular basis-at least once a year by an approved technician.
Safety Sensors
EN 16005 demands a constant connection between the safety sensors and the automatic door operator. This is accomplished by sending a test signal from the door to the sensor, to which the sensor responds. The test signal is sent before every closing cycle of the door.