Iconic Entrances from around the World

The focal point of the front of a building is often its entrance or door. There are some entrances that have earned iconic status throughout the world, and here are just a few of them.

10 Downing Street

Who could mistake the jet-black door with the bold number 10 on it as being none other than the home of the British prime minister? Surrounded by white pillars, an arched transom and steel gates, the entrance to 10 Downing Street exudes power. Apart from being replaced with a blast proof steel door in the early 1990s, the style of the door has remained the same since 1772.


The Florence Baptistery

As one of the oldest buildings in Florence, dating back to the 11th century, it’s the doors to this building that have gained worldwide attention. Designed by Andrea Pisano in 1329, the doors are made from 28 panels of bronze and feature the life of St. John the Baptist and the eight virtues. Michelangelo named them the Gates of Paradise.


Taj Mahal

Arguably one of the world’s most notable buildings for its architectural grandeur, the Taj Mahal features an impressive arched entrance that is dripping with intricate and ornate detailing.


Royal Palace

The Royal Palace in Fez, Morocco, might be closed to the public but this doesn’t stop tourists flocking to the building to catch a glimpse of its famous golden doors. The seven arched doors at the entrance to the palace demonstrate intricate patterns and matching knockers, and are surrounded by beautiful tiling and carved cedar wood.


Coral Castle

South of Miami in Florida, Coral Castle boasts an eye-catching entrance made up of 1,100 tons of coral. It’s believed that one man carried the coral single-handedly to the entrance, with the coral door itself weighing a hefty nine tons.


The Ice Hotel

If you want to stay in an ice hotel, inevitably, Iceland is the place to be. Made from 10,000 tons of ice and 30,000 tons of snow, this hotel is essentially a giant igloo. It features a large, arched doorway that is lit up to welcome any intrepid visitors.


Westminster Abbey

Not just one of the most iconic religious buildings in the UK, Westminster Abbey is also famed for its grand entrance that has a rather intriguing history. The oak doors were built in 1050, making them the oldest Anglo-Saxon doors in the UK. Rumours also circulated a couple of hundred years ago that the doors were made from human skin. This has since been quashed, although fragments of cowhide have been found in the doors.

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