SMART Libraries

We heard recently in the press that County Councils would be handing over libraries to the community. I have seen reports that stated that this was likely to be ‘devastating’! On the contrary, they have been a great success: we had the pleasure of working with Leicestershire County Council on SMART libraries, and libraries handed over to the community.

Leicestershire automatic doorsWe supplied and installed 15 SMART libraries with automatic door operators, working with the Access Control Company to make them accessible to the public outside normal opening times. Automatic Access is proficient in sliding door, swing and telescopic door solutions.

Making use of public buildings that would otherwise be redundant, SMART libraries have made meeting rooms available to community groups. Council staff do not need to be present at libraries that have SMART facilities.

Based in our hometown, the first SMART library was trialled in Syston, Leicestershire. The council then rolled them out across the county.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible for the council to fund the old library scheme, but the new system allows bigger libraries to be used more often, thus safeguarding their future existence.