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Automatic Doors vs Automatic Door Openers – Which is Right for Me?

If you want to install a system of automatic doors in your property, you have a choice: You can either automate an existing door, or else have a completely new set of automatic doors designed, delivered, and fitted.

But which is right for you? We prepared this short guide to help you decide.

Automatic Door Openers

First things first, automating an existing door on your property is significantly cheaper than getting a completely new set designed and installed. So if you have serious budget limitations, automatic door openers might be your most viable option.

Automatic door openers are also an excellent choice when space is an issue. You’ll already know if it’s possible for the door to open to its full extent, so there’ll be no need to make any structural or logistical changes to your property.

Other reasons for choosing automatic door openers over a full set automatic doors will depend on the nature of your property. Perhaps you have a period property on your hands, and a set of modern automatic doors simply wouldn’t look right. Or perhaps you, or somebody you know, has mobility issues. In which case, automatic door openers can make it easier to get about the house.

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Automatic Doors

Though automatic door openers are perfect for when space is an issue, that’s not to say that all automatic doors require huge amounts of space in which to operate. Certain designs, such as automatic telescopic doors and automatic bi-folding doors, are specifically designed for smaller or narrower spaces that might not be able to accommodate a full-sized set of automatic doors.

Yet even with these space-saving systems in place, all automatic doors are capable of opening to an impressive width. So if you’re expecting high levels of footfall, or if you need to provide passage for bulky shopping trolleys or hospital beds, automatic doors are the obvious choice.

Certain types of automatic doors, such as revolving doors, can also be used to enhance your security without compromising on your building’s accessibility – perfect for public buildings such as banks or universities.

But the main reason why you might choose a full set of automatic doors over an automatic door opening mechanism is because they look fantastic. They create a great first impression, making your building appear modern and inviting. They’ll make your visitors feel welcome, sending the subtle message that you’ve their best interests in mind, and that you’re worth doing business with.

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