Residential Homes: Automatic Doors – The Real Benefits

After realising the benefits many residential, nursing and care homes are replacing their old manual doors with automatic doors. Convenient access is the top priority, as the majority of residents are elderly, disabled or frail; automatic doors overcome the inconvenience and potential hazards associated with opening and closing heavy manual doors.

regal court residential home
Image: Regal Court, Trowbridge

As well as the obvious access improvements, modern automatic doors will also help your business to create a positive first impression. When family and friends of potential new residents are searching online for a suitable home, photographs of a tired and out of date exterior won’t make your facilities look altogether inviting.

Automatic doors, such as those we installed at Regal Court, Trowbridge, will help to create a more modern and stylish image; further increasing confidence in your services and attracting potential residents to enquire into taking a closer look at your facilities.

Improved access

Acorn Court Peverel Retirement Hitchin
Image: Acorn Court, Hitchin

Whether it’s because they are simply getting older and increasingly frail or whether they have disabilities, residents of care and residential homes will experience difficulties at some point while opening old-fashioned swing doors – they will truly appreciate the ease of automatic doors.

Many modern residential homes have sliding doors fitted as a matter of course. Different sizes and variables are available for client convenience. As an example, sliding doors to allow people to enter the premises easily can be coupled with a wider door to provide even greater access to accommodate furniture or deliveries.

Noise factor

Swing doors, especially if they are getting older, can make a banging noise when closing. Not only will this disturb elderly people, it can also create a hazard if the wind picks up and blows the doors shut. Suitable for internal and external applications, automatic doors are silent; effortlessly gliding from open to closed – so noise and banging doors will never be a problem again.


Access security is of primary importance in residential homes. Modern automatic doors can be opened using fobs and proximity fob readers so that access is granted to authorised persons only. Most residential developments have a caller system where the residents can speak to the visitor, carer or relative and then push a button to let them in. If your property has this type of security system, we can integrate the automatic door’s opening and closing equipment with the existing access systems.

Older residents love automatic doors, as they don’t have to push or pull them to gain entry or leave the building. The door also automatically locks behind them, providing real peace of mind in terms of security. Glazed with safety glass, this is extremely durable and DDA-compliant.


Automatic doors are manufactured from durable double-glazed aluminium and this can be powder coated to any colour to match your existing windows and doors – creating a pleasingly seamless aesthetic for your property.

Retirement Home Harpenden
Image: Homedell House, Harpenden


In the event of a power failure or other emergencies, the doors come equipped with battery-operated back-up emergency systems that can be linked to the fire alarm; to open the doors on the alarm signal if required.

Among many others, Automatic Access has fulfilled automatic door installation projects at properties in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and greater London. We are happy to take our professional services all over the UK, as we are conveniently based in the middle of the country. For further information on a bespoke solution for your automatic door requirements, contact Automatic Access… it’s an open and shut case!