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5 Ways to Make Public Buildings More Accessible

When you operate business premises or public buildings including schools, colleges, sports and leisure centres, council offices, accommodation blocks, or any commercial premises that require public accessibility, it’s in your best interests to consider the needs of everyone. Despite the modern evolution of architecture and technology, some buildings neglect to provide an accessible entrance for

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Guide to New Automatic Door Standards (featured image)

Guide to New Automatic Door Standards

Updates to the industry standards for automatic doors will mean all suppliers and fitters must familiarise themselves with new legislation. In addition, they will also have to advise customers who have older installations of the changes, if applicable, following the announcement by the Automatic Door Suppliers’ Association. © Bill45 / Shutterstock Industry governing body ADSA

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The Safety & Security Benefits of Automatic Doors

Automatic doors have become an important feature of modern life, providing many safety and security benefits in different industries. Playing a vital role for building managers, employees and members of the public, the provide privacy, security, comfort and convenience. © Pavel Dyachenko / Shutterstock Automatic door safety doesn’t mean giving up the aesthetically pleasing exterior

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The Purple Pound: Why it Should Matter to your Business

Making your commercial premises accessible to everyone, including disabled people, is vital not only by law, but also to ensure you don’t miss out on attracting more customers. Accommodating people who use wheelchairs in your customer base can bring financial rewards that outweigh the costs of modernising your premises! © DC Studio / Shutterstock  

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Hospitality Sector: New Regulations to be Aware of

New regulations coming into effect for the hospitality sector in 2024 will reflect the ever-changing operational environment. Improved hospitality laws and regulations UK-wide are set to be introduced throughout the year relating to various issues. © Ollyy / Shutterstock One of the biggest changes will be Martyn’s Law, a key aspect of the draft Terrorism

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