How to Increase Retail Sales Once Customers are In Your Store.

As we’ve pointed out before, automatic doors can be your secret sales weapon. They look clean and professional, and through opening so wide, they make customers feel welcome and valued.

A good pair of automatic doors can actively encourage customer footfall, but, while they create an excellent first impression and while they can drive people to actually visit your shop – automatic doors will only take you so far.

Once the customers are actually in your store, your automatic doors have done their job. What happens next is up to you. Here are a few things that you can do in-store that will make your customers feel welcomed, valued, and catered for – right up to the checkout.

Appeal to as Many Senses as You Can

Why do supermarkets place their bakeries towards the front of the store? Why do department stores situate their cosmetics stands on the ground floor?

It’s to make sure that customers are greeted by a gorgeous scent as soon as they step foot in the shop. Whether it’s the irresistibly homely smell of freshly-baked bread, or the enticing hint of expensive perfume, these scents are so powerful that they can even lure people into the shop from off the street.

So when stores combine this tactical use of scents with a nice, welcoming set of automatic doors, sales invariably skyrocket.

But there are other ways you can appeal to your customers’ senses. Play some music – not too loud, but not too quiet – to create the right mood. Make sure that the first thing your customers see is a stunning POS display that presents your flagship product in its best possible light. If you sell food, offer free samples of your most delicious items.

Train Your Employees to be Trustworthy Sales Specialists

We’re not talking about the hard sell here. Overly pushy and intrusive sales staff can actively discourage many would-be customers. Instead, the trick is to train your sales staff to be the sort of supportive specialists that your customers feel they can trust.

As to what makes for a good salesperson will depend on the specific products you’re selling. But bad salespeople are essentially the same in every industry, no matter what they’re trying to sell.

Here’s a great list of the sort of employee behaviours that can transform interested buyers into mere browsers.

Rethink Your Store’s Layout

Big retail chains have a substantial bag of tricks when it comes to store layout. They know how their customers think and behave, and this knowledge directly informs the layout of their stores.

Here’s seven of their biggest layout secrets. Workable strategies include creating enticing window displays, steering customers to the right, creating breaks in aisles and displays, and, of course, creating an excellent first impression.

Trends, Events, & Promotions

Ipsos Retail Performance figures suggest that 38% of customers look for coupons before shopping. If you can offer an unmissable promotion while rewarding your most loyal customers, you can expect a considerable boost to both footfall and sales.

Similarly, the most successful retail chains are those who know how to identify and capitalise on trends and events. For example, have you noticed how prominent BBQ’s and crates of beer become in supermarkets once the weather starts to get warmer?