Enjoy the great outdoors with the added protection of a Luxaflex awning!

Available in a comprehensive range of fade resistant fabrics, and in a wide variety of colours and designs, there’s sure to be something to suit even the most discerning of tastes.

Offering UV protection, the awning’s incredible versatility means it can shield larger spaces of up to 12m wide, with a 3.6m arm (from wall to end of canopy), without compromising the view.

With a 3.1m arm, the Base Plus is perfect for windows and patio doors up to 5m wide.

For larger spaces, the Palladio 2060 extends up to 14m wide, with 3.6m arm.

The smaller Milano 2050 model extends up to 5m wide, with a 2.6m arm.

As standard, white hardware is available for all models. Other hardware colours are available on selected models – please ask for details.

To protect the awning from the weather, they are supplied in cassettes – retractable, this will help to keep them safe from the wind or inclement conditions. Electrostatic powder-coated aluminium cassettes can be matched to existing woodwork or aluminium frames.

Semi-cassette awnings fully retract into the aluminium casing, while the awning arms tuck under.

Manual Awnings

Open and close the awning using the supplied rod and crank.

Powered Awnings

The awning can be powered by a portable or wall-mounted remote-control unit. Alternatively, you could opt for a fully automatic control – powered by solar cell and anemometer.