Covid-19 Queue Management System

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, businesses must adhere to strict social distancing measures to ensure public safety. The key to this practice is limiting the number of people on the premises at any one time.

Queue Management System


Automatic door solution

The “traffic light system” automatically integrates with an automatic door to control the number of people that enter a building at any one time. Designed to take the strain off employees, the FlowControl system effectively enables social distancing, without staff needing to intervene.

This new product was launched by one of Automatic Access’s main suppliers, record UK, out of necessity, in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Available now, it has been installed in Europe, where it’s already up and running successfully.

The FlowControl equipment can be fitted to any automatic pedestrian entrance.

Benefits of FlowControl

The estimated installation time is just two to four hours, so there will be very little downtime for any business having the system installed. It is applicable for one door, or a multiple door set-up can be added.

A cost-effective addition to any business premises where customers queue outside, the FlowControl uses the pedestrian counting technology, with the traffic light system limiting the number of customers automatically, without deploying extra staff to man the doors.

The numeric value can be changed easily by using buttons to reset the system. When the maximum number of people in the store is reached, the entrance door is automatically deactivated, so that no-one else can enter until someone has left.

The system complies with safety regulations and it does not affect escape routes and fire regulations. 100% autonomous, it will interact with almost every door type – compatible with all brands of automatic doors.

Applications are now being received for businesses still open throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, including hospitals, supermarkets and even public transport operators where queues are a problem.

After lockdown

Even when lockdown restrictions are relaxed, social distancing will likely have to be maintained to prevent a second wave of COVID-19. The door system will remain an essential tool for any building that has to limit the number of people inside.

Businesses that will benefit include cafeterias, restaurants, meeting places, auditoriums, cinemas, supermarkets, railway stations, ferry terminals, bus stations, shops, shopping centres, post offices, waiting rooms, leisure centres, offices, art galleries, museums and even outdoor public spaces, such as parks, where too many people might congregate.

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