Pneumatic Operators

Pneumatic door openers convert energy (typically air) into mechanical motion and are used in a similar way to automatic door actuators. They combine at least one door operator with a control unit and an air compressor.

Essentially, pneumatic door openers utilize the power of air under pressure to automatically open a door. The pneumatic system is built around a standard closer so the door will operate manually at all times, opening automatically on activation of a switch, access control system, etc.

In what situations do Automatic Access use pneumatic door openers?

What sets pneumatic door openers apart from other automatic door openers is that they use air pressure instead of electronics to produce the energy to move a door. This has a number of highly useful applications which means that Automatic Access can provide solutions for pretty much any context where an automatic door is required.

Firstly, they can be used in buildings where the need for a low energy design is important. This is because with pneumatic doors openers, safety sensors are not always required. Since the pneumatic automatic operators are powered by pressurized air, they are quiet, efficient, and very reliable.

Pneumatic openers are extremely versatile and can be used for both interior and exterior automatic doors. They are ideal for multi-door applications because the cost per door leaf decreases significantly as the number of door leaves increase. A single control box may power up to two pairs of doors simultaneously and this flexibility results in significant savings in material and installation costs.

Finally, because pneumatic openers use air instead of electronics, they can be employed in hazardous situations. Unlike electrical actuators there is no high-voltage wiring at the door frame, and the control box, which contains the electrical timing circuits, can be remotely located outside the hazardous area.

Automatic Access are always able to find the perfect pneumatic door opener for the job in hand, and in particular find openers for more challenging environments and purposes.

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