Automatic Doors For Home & Domestic Use

Automatic doors for the home? Well, why not?

Automatic doors are most commonly found in public and commercial buildings, but it’s not at all unusual to find them in domestic properties either. Almost any door can be automated with a simple mechanism, and with our advanced systems, even the smallest of spaces can comfortably accommodate a set of automatic doors.

There are many reasons why you might want to install a set of automatic doors in your home, but most of our domestic customers are looking for a solution to help them with their mobility issues.

If you depend on a wheelchair, or if you have a bit of difficulty getting about, it can be extraordinarily difficult to open and close doors. And if there’s one place where you need to feel in total control of your surroundings, it’s your home.

That’s where a set of automatic doors can make all the difference. They can be operated either by motion sensors or by push-button activators, and they can be installed on almost any door in the house. And with some added soft-close and other fail-safe mechanisms, your safety and security is guaranteed.

At Automatic Access, we can design, install, and service a bespoke automatic door solution for any home. We also have extensive experience in supplying safe and secure solutions to numerous care homes and housing associations, including:

  • Leeds Jewish Housing Association
  • Bedford Citizen Housing Association
  • Tower Homes London
  • Headingly Court Doncaster
  • Centurion Court & Ambion Court, Hinckley & Borough Council
  • Hoar Cross Nursing Home Staffordshire

For more information about how automatic doors in the home can make life easier and safer for everyone, give us a call. If you’re considering automatic doors for your home or organisation, we’d be more than happy to listen to your requirements, and we’ll even give you a quote for free.

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