Fire Safety

Enhancing fire safety on business premises is crucial and there are various automatic door solutions that can improve the security of your premises.

Creating easy access for elderly and disabled people; automatic doors are beneficial, particularly in retail stores, when customers’ hands are full of shopping, as they make entering and leaving the building easier.

More hygienic than manual doors, as they alleviate the need for potentially hundreds of people to touch the door handles daily, they can help stop the spread of bacteria.

Sliding doors

In terms of fire safety, automatic doors really come into their own. Sliding doors that comply with BS EN 16005 must have an emergency battery backup incorporated into the system. This means they can continue working even in the event of mains power failure.

They can also be connected to the fire alarm to open once it is activated. It is possible to programme them to stay shut, either for smoke control or if the door in an open position contributes to oxygen fuelling the fire. The sliding door can remain open or closed – whichever is required for safety reasons.

Swing doors

Swing automatic doors don’t always have a battery backup, but they can be pulled or pushed open in an emergency. However, here at Automatic Access, we also have a battery backup for swing doors as an added feature if required. Swing doors can also be connected to the fire alarm and opened on activation.

A swing unit, otherwise known as an inverse operator, will remain closed for smoke control. Our “Dependable” model is fire-rated and reliably closes to prevent the spread of fire. It can be combined with a range of fire protection profile systems and used wherever automatic fire and smoke protection barrier doors are beneficial.

Recommended for smoke clearance and room ventilation in the event of a fire, the “Safe” model opens without power, using spring tension.

To help maximise fire safety in your premises, please contact us for further information on our automatic doors.