The Automatic Access offices will be re-opening on May 18th.

Please note: we will be operating with skeleton staff, so phone calls may not be answered straight away.

Automatic Doors for Shops

Automatic doors are the smart choice for any retail or high street establishment. As with any other business, first impressions count, so providing a convenient and safe entrance for everyone has a positive impact.

Customers will never have to battle to open and close a door when they are laden down with shopping or hindered by the British weather. For customers who are elderly or disabled, and for those with small children and pushchairs in tow, the hazard-free entrance provided by automatic sliding doors could mean the difference between having that customer in your establishment or not!

Automatic doors reflect the commitment to a high level of customer service. Improving the outward appearance of your shop, they give an impression of space as customers arrive. They are also safe, as there’s no chance that a customer, especially a child, could get their fingers trapped in a door.