Automatic Doors for Care Homes

Automatic doors for care homes are becoming a “must-have”. With multiple benefits for residential, care and nursing homes, that replace their old manual doors with automatic alternatives, the top priority must surely be convenient access, as most of the residents are elderly, frail or disabled.

Installing automatic doors overcomes the inconvenience and potential risks associated with less able-bodied people opening and closing heavy manual doors.

In homes where the residents have dementia and mental disabilities that put them at risk of wandering off, certain automatic doors can be managed by a code – exterior doors, or those near a staircase, for example, can be managed by staff to ensure the residents are kept safe.

In addition to the access benefits, modern automatic doors create a positive first impression. When people are searching online for a suitable residential home, an old-fashioned, tired-looking entrance will more likely see them scroll on to the next one, whereas a modern automatic exterior door will make the premises seem more inviting.