Your Automatic Doors – Problems, Servicing and Repairs

A wide range of possible problems can affect automatic doors; whether sliding, swing, telescopic or bi-fold.

Some issues will arise through sudden impacts, unfortunate accidents or unforeseen malfunctions, while others will build over time; often through regular wear and tear. Thus, adopting a maintenance and servicing schedule is a wise course of action. Let’s take a look at some of the possible issues in more detail:

Common Problems

With continued use, the automatic operator might succumb to wear and tear or the electronics might malfunction in some way. In other situations, the track might become misaligned and where applicable, springs might break – these are the more regular symptoms associated with faulty automatic doors. Prolonged periods of heavy and not very careful public use can also instigate further damage – due to the weather, manhandling, etc.

Some malfunctions can only be fixed with professional reconditioning, while others might be prevented or mitigated by regular servicing. To assist in the smooth operation of the automatic door system, precautionary measures can be practiced by owners but generally it’s best to enlist the services of a qualified specialist to oversee long term running conditions.

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Maintenance and Servicing

Regular maintenance visits are strongly recommended. Automatic Access will check key areas such as closing speeds, sensors, backcheck and latching compliance. Regularly scheduled maintenance visits will ensure both operational functionality and legal compliance. This will help to keep your business or organisation within the parameters of your commercial insurance requirements. Users will be able to operate your automatic doors safely and the security and integrity of your premises will remain intact.

When you call Automatic Access, you can always rely on a timely response. Whether to deal with real-time situations where access is restricted or denied or in the event of criminal activities during out-of-hours periods, our qualified team will also provide a reliable and professional response in instances of flood damage or electrical supply failure.

We offer five levels of service ranging from a full maintenance/service and safety check at level 1, right up to our fully comprehensive level 5 package – further details can be found on our website.


Give us a call…

When committing to a regular service and safety check programme, you can choose the option that best meets the needs of your business and the premises. A full review of your system is a very good starting point; we’d be happy to discuss this with you. Give us a call today on 0116 26950505.