Why Automatic Doors are Always a Great Investment

As a business owner, you may be wondering whether automatic doors are a worthwhile investment. You will probably be avoiding any extra costs in the current economic climate but in reality, automatic doors bring their own benefits that can increase the effectiveness of your business.

The energy-saving benefits that automatic doors offer can be particularly helpful now, at a time when energy prices are higher than ever. They are also a convenient option for potential customers, making your premises more accessible, including for customers with a disability.

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In addition, automatic doors help to create a more modern aesthetic for any business premises, making them look more inviting. According to a survey by Service Channel, 64% of shoppers have been deterred from using a store because of its poor physical appearance.

Customers like the exterior to have a well-maintained appearance free from litter, with clean, shiny doors and windows. Nobody is going to even see your products if an unkempt exterior prevents them from coming in.

Invest in the future

The benefits of some expenditures aren’t immediately obvious. The initial outlay could be the reason why you choose not to invest in automatic doors. However, in the longer term, the advantages they bring will make them worth the extra cost.

First, automatic doors are long-lasting and durable. As long as you clean them and keep them properly maintained, they can work for around 20 years. This will far outlast many old-fashioned manual doors.

Traditional doors tend to take more of a beating, as they are opened and closed regularly, swinging on the hinges, and they are often barged by people with bags of shopping, pushchairs and shopping trolleys. The additional wear and tear on manual doors tend to shorten their lifespan.

Energy-saving benefits

Automatic doors help to protect your business premises from temperature changes. Some retail premises tend to keep their doors open all day to make them look more inviting and to ensure the building is easily accessible for all.

However, in winter, keeping your building warm under those circumstances will use much more energy. Similarly, in summer, you may be spending more on air conditioning to keep the temperature indoors comfortable.

Research has shown automatic sliding doors release less heat as people pass through – they can help keep the indoor temperature stable. Imagine the amount of energy it takes to keep the indoor space cool in summer if the doors are open all day.

Using easily programmable sensors, automatic doors open only when needed and are available in many configurations. The energy you save by using them is greater than the energy it takes to actually operate them. In other words, your energy bills are going to reduce and over time; the savings will cover the cost of installation.

Aesthetically pleasing

There is a wide range of choices when it comes to the style and finish of automatic doors, including different finishes, colours, designs and styles. They can make the exterior of your premises aesthetically pleasing, matching your brand and individual style.

The different styles available ensure there is the perfect option for every type of business. For example, in areas of high footfall, where there is two-way traffic, you can install wider doors to make the premises more easily accessible.

As well as sliding doors, there are also automatic swing doors that are available in different sizes. They can open internally or externally and are ideal if your entrance is tight for space width-wise, as they don’t need space at the sides for the door to slide into.

Easy access

Automatic doors encourage people to enter your retail premises, as even if they are laden down with shopping bags, a pram or young children, they don’t need someone else to open the door for them.

Customers who require disabled access due to using a wheelchair, or elderly people who may struggle with a heavy manual door, will feel more encouraged to enter your store if they can do so without any access issues.

There won’t be any bottlenecks, as people wait to come in or leave; a sliding door ensures a smooth flow of people, thanks to its sensors. It will seamlessly open and close in tune with the flow of pedestrians using your premises.

Automatic doors are always a great investment for a variety of reasons, so if you’re considering having them installed, look upon it as making a long-term saving on something that will benefit your business for years to come – they will surely exceed your expectations!