The World’s most Expensive Doorbell

Everyone always wants something that no-one else has. It used to be called “keeping up with the Joneses” – maybe it’s now called “keeping up with the Kardashians”? Today, the phenomenon of aspiring to own something unique even covers items as seemingly mundane as the humble doorbell!

Except, in this case, the doorbell in question isn’t something you’d pick up at your local B&Q – you would need to pop into top London department store Selfridges to get your hands on the latest $100,000 jewel-encrusted bell!


Jewelled doorbell

Technology is expanding in leaps and bounds and you can now get doorbells that enable you to communicate with whoever’s at the door – and even record what’s going on. The modern range of high-tech doorbells features what is quite rightfully called the Ring Elite Crown Jewel at the pinnacle.

Produced by Ring, the security specialist, the limited-edition video doorbell is encrusted in diamonds, sapphires and gold! Only ten of the bells have been made and they are available exclusively at Selfridges of London.

The Crown Jewel was created by international fine jewellery specialist Bijan. It can be found in the iconic London store’s Smartech department. Profit from each sale is being donated by Ring to UK charities to help rehabilitate former criminals and turn their lives around.


18k gold faceplate

So, why is the price tag so high? Each Ring Elite Crown Jewel video doorbell contains 0.56 carats of diamonds, 33.2 carats of sapphires and 98.05 grams of yellow gold. The faceplate is made from 18 karat yellow gold, while it features 40 diamonds and 2,000 sapphires set into the surface.

The doorbell is modelled on Ring’s existing Video Doorbell Elite, which enables the user to see, hear and communicate with visitors, even when they’re not at home, through a smart app.

Bosses at Ring said they decided to manufacture the $100,000 doorbell to support their ongoing mission to reduce crime. The company makes charitable donations, hosts auctions to benefit students and donates standard Ring devices to local needy neighbourhoods.


Try out new tech

Smartech at Selfridges is the department store’s innovation destination. Customers are encouraged to discover new tech and try it out with a hands-on demonstration. The company says it’s happy to support Ring’s philanthropic mission to help local communities.

The jewel-encrusted bell is one of the latest Internet of Things devices to be connected to the web. It lets householders pretend they’re at home, even when they’re out, potentially thwarting attempted burglaries and other crimes in their absence.

The gold and jewelled bell has been dubbed the “Bling Ring”. Ironically, although video doorbells are being produced as a crime deterrent, it’s likely that a $100,000 bell on your door may attract thieves!

Despite featuring instant motion-activated alerts, high definition video, infrared night vision and two-way communication through built-in microphone and speakers, would-be thieves might see it as an opportunity too good to miss!

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