The Selling Power of Automatic Doors

Investing in automatic doors is a great way to improve general safety and your business energy efficiency, but is the investment really worth it?

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The positive benefits of automatic doors

Automatic doors come with a wide range of benefits that are great for business owners like you!

  • Offering convenience – whether it’s customers or employees that are using your doors, automatic solutions assure a much greater convenience, as they don’t require any effort to open – especially useful, as with manual alternatives, on occasion you might have to renegotiate armfuls of items to enter a building
  • Accessibility-friendly – automatic doors are also a great choice when it comes to supporting people with reduced mobility. There is no need to navigate entrances that are hard to open and automatic doors provide a better ethos of inclusivity for your business
  • Eco-friendly – many people prop manual doors open to make it easy to enter and exit. This results in higher energy bills when you are trying to maintain an ambient temperature. An automatic door only opens when it is required, affording genuine savings on your energy bills
  • Safety solution – as a business owner, health and safety is one of the guiding principles that you should follow. Automatic doors ensure that access can be easily managed, and emergency locking systems will operate in case of an emergency. Battery backup is also available to ensure that doors can remain operational in case of a power cut
  • Customised solution – attractive entrances are a great way to make people feel welcome and they give a great first impression of your business. By installing customised automatic doors, you can state your intentions from the moment your clients and staff arrive


What automatic doors are available

Automatic doors come in a wide range of styles and can be purpose designed to suit your property and business needs. Not sure if they will suit your needs? Take a look at the different options you can choose from:


Industries that can benefit from automatic door installation

Are you interested in automatic doors but you’re not sure if they would benefit your specific industry? Take a look at some of the sectors we’ve had the pleasure of working with to provide quality automatic door solutions that are perfectly in tune with the premises:

  • Retail – we have worked with shops, department stores and supermarkets to keep the flow of traffic moving and energy costs down
  • Hospitality – our solutions have provided easier entry and exit for restaurants, hotels and motels, aiding people of all physical abilities and delivery personnel
  • Medical – for GP surgeries, clinics, dentists, opticians and hospitals, our automatic doors have been invaluable to the elderly, people with pushchairs and those with a disability
  • Transport – railway stations, airports, bus depots and other transport providers are accessible to all, thanks to our automatic solutions
  • Office buildings – whether you are customer-facing or for staff only, our products and services ensure a warm and professional greeting for all


Start your automatic door enquiry today

If you’re interested in discussing your options, contact Automatic Access Ltd and we can talk you through the benefits and alternatives.