The Safety & Security Benefits of Automatic Doors

Automatic doors have become an important feature of modern life, providing many safety and security benefits in different industries. Playing a vital role for building managers, employees and members of the public, the provide privacy, security, comfort and convenience.

Automatic doors

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Automatic door safety doesn’t mean giving up the aesthetically pleasing exterior that businesses require to attract customers. It’s possible to have both, thanks to the wide range of automatic doors that can make your premises stand out from the rest.


Help for disabled visitors

The hospitality sector achieves considerable benefits from having automatic doors installed.

When a hotel accommodates a large number of people coming and going multiple times a day, it’s important to maintain operational efficiency AND an impressive appearance.

Guests will expect automatic doors, as when they arrive carrying suitcases, it can be difficult to turn a handle to open a heavy manual door. Making it safer for guests with reduced mobility, including wheelchair users and elderly people, who can enter without the risk of obstruction, they can also improve safety for families with young children, reducing the risk of anyone trapping their finger in a manual door if it slams shut.

What’s more, interior automatic doors make it easier for guests to effortlessly move through communal areas.


Reduce risks for staff

Automatic doors also benefit employees by enabling them to safely go about their duties even when their hands are full.

For example, kitchen and waiting-on staff won’t run the risk of being hit by a manual door opening from the other side as they pass through with a full tray of crockery or hot food: automatic door sensors are designed to detect obstructions, so they will never close on someone passing through.


Emergency procedures

Data reveals around 50% of all hotel fires begin in the kitchen and are likely to be caused by malfunctioning cooking equipment.

In an emergency situation, such as a fire or evacuation, automatic doors can be programmed to open, ensuring clear evacuation routes are available. Equally, they can be closed to keep a fire contained in a specific area once people have been safely evacuated.

Automatic doors can switch to manual mode in the event of a power cut so people can still safely leave the building.


Keep intruders out

Integrated control system can control who enters and leaves the building to improve security when required.

For example, if someone with criminal intent is hanging about outside, they can be quickly locked out remotely until the police arrive, without a staff member having to risk their safety by physically going to lock the door manually.


Health benefits

A major advantage to automatic doors is the fact people don’t have to touch them to pass through. Sensors will ensure the door opens as people approach. There will never be a situation where they are touching door handles that have already been touched hundreds of times before in the same day.

This is particularly beneficial in health care settings or in care homes, where there’s a greater risk of spreading bacteria and diseases to vulnerable people.

The benefits of automatic doors became apparent during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, when health chiefs warned of the risks of passing on harmful bacteria through touch. Public buildings were required to provide hand sanitiser at entrances as a result. Those with automatic doors reduced the risks from the outset.


Regular maintenance

To ensure automatic doors in commercial buildings continue to operate smoothly, have them regularly serviced and maintained by an expert.

Keeping them in full working order can enhance the safety of the building’s occupants, so it’s not something you should forget about.

Safety checks at least once a year are vital and if any faults are found, they should be repaired promptly by a professional.

Keeping people safe is a major part of any commercial building’s operations. As well as aiding safety and security, automatic doors can also improve the buildings’ energy efficiency; so, they’re a valuable asset for your business!