The Hidden Benefits of Automatic Balanced Doors

Like all automatic doors, automatic balanced doors offer a range of benefits that should be immediately obvious to anyone: Safely, quickly, and efficiently, they open wide to allow ease of access to anyone.

This wide entry, coupled with the sleek modern design, sends a strong message to your visitors. It tells them that they’re welcome, and that you’re a forward-thinking institution that has their best interests in mind.

Indeed, for certain buildings, automatic doors aren’t just a welcome feature. They’re a legal necessity. If your building is open to the public, under the Disability Discrimination Act, you are required to take measures to boost accessibility for all visitors. And what better way to improve accessibility than with a set of automatic balanced doors?

But like we say, these are the sort of benefits that will be familiar to anyone. But beyond these, automatic balanced doors offer one very important benefit that might not be so immediately obvious.

Put simply – they don’t take up very much space.

Yet despite this, they’re still capable of opening wide enough to accommodate large footfalls of visitors, wheelchairs, shopping trolleys, or whatever else you need to welcome into your premises.

How Do Automatic Balanced Doors Work?

Most automatic doors slide open, or make use of some kind of telescopic mechanism. Automatic balanced doors, though, are like a high-tech combination of swing doors and sliding doors, with a cleverly-positioned pivot in lieu of a hinge.

Because conventional doors are only hinged at one end, a heavy push is required to open them. But the sliding pivot of automatic balanced doors only required a minimal amount of power to operate. Meanwhile, the swing door system ensures that the door remains perfectly balanced in spite of lateral pressure – which means that automatic balanced doors can easily and safely swing open even during periods of severe weather.

Automatic balanced doors are ideally suited for corridors, narrow passages, and other areas where space is at a premium.

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