The Benefits of Automatic Doors in Summer

Business owners are always searching for ways to make their operations more cost-effective, especially in today’s troubled economic times. The benefits of having automatic doors in summer, as well as in winter, can help your business in all kinds of ways.

As the warmer months are approaching, it’s time for business owners to start planning for the busier months ahead. Figures show holidays and staycations will be on the rise over the next few months, as the economic crisis impacts overseas travel plans.

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According to a survey by Verdant of 1,000 adults in the UK, a massive 84% are planning a staycation this summer, with 56% of respondents saying their financial situation has made them disregard plans for a trip abroad.

This means more tourists will be attracted to cities and towns in Britain as their holiday destinations, significantly increasing the footfall of local businesses such as shops, restaurants and tourist attractions.


How much does a shop’s footfall increase in the summer?

The summer break and sunny weather traditionally helps UK retail footfall, according to retail analytics firm Springboard. The start of the school summer break spurs footfall across the UK’s retail sector to increase by an average of 3.8%.

The biggest boost in retail activity occurs on the high street, where retail businesses in central London experience a huge increase of 6.1%. Many consumers take the opportunity to make a trip to retail destinations farther afield during their summer holiday.

Once the school holiday period is in full swing, retail footfall across the whole UK continues to improve. Following a loss of trade during the pandemic, retail bodies report an “underlying strengthening of customer activity” right across the board.

The hospitality and catering sector also experience a seasonal summer boost, according to research by Claseq. Easter Bank Holiday weekend marks the start of the seasonal upsurge in restaurants’ fortunes, as many people treat themselves to a family meal at a local food establishment, book a short break, or simply head off to a country retreat to make the most of their time off work.


Why do automatic doors benefit higher footfall?

Automatic doors allow quick and easy access to a variety of premises, including retail stores and restaurants. Creating a more inviting entrance, they also prevent bottlenecks occurring at busy periods as people enter and leave at the same time.

Retail psychologists say the way premises look on the outside has a significant impact on how customers interact: the entrance, window displays, signage and pathway outside the building all have their role to play.

When passers-by see a closed door, subconsciously it can deter them from approaching, as it suggests closure. Continually open doors are also a problem from an economical and security point of view.

Automatic doors look welcoming and are the easy way of entering the premises, especially for disabled customers, those laden down by heavy shopping bags, or people with young children and pushchairs. They also save space, especially sliding doors, so if you have more compact premises, they are the ideal solution.


How do automatic doors help your business in summer?

You might think of automatic doors as being useful in winter to keep the heat in on a chilly day. However, they’re just as valuable in summer to help keep your business cool. If you have air conditioning, they will ensure your premises remain at the right temperature, encouraging customers to browse in the pleasant atmosphere.

Eco-friendly, automatic doors open only when people approach, and then close as soon as they have walked through. This means you won’t be wasting money keeping your air con on high in summer, so your energy bills will be lower.

They also stop bacteria, dust and dirt from entering the building, reducing air pollution. During a long, hot summer, when there’s a dry spell, the last thing you want is dry, warm air drifting in from outside.


Summer maintenance for automatic doors

It’s important to keep your automatic doors well maintained all year round.

Automatic Access can help: our products and services, such as routine maintenance and repairs for all types of automatic entrance, will ensure your doors remain in perfect working order.

If you feel the current credit crunch is stopping you from upgrading to a new set of automatic doors, we can also offer some more cost-effective options. These include automatic door openers to transform your existing door into an automatic solution. Mounted near the top of a swing door, they will enable it to open and close automatically. They can be controlled with remotes, sensors, or access control devices, such as push buttons.