Regular Maintenance of Your Automatic Door is Important

What if you find yourself trying to get to work one day only to find out that the automatic door you’re trying to access has broken down?

The thing is, as most people go about their daily concerns, we tend to ignore automatic doors. It seems to be such a rare occasion for these doors to undergo maintenance anyway. Unless they suddenly breaks down or completely stop working, then that’s the only time when owners concern themselves with having them changed, repaired or looked after by a maintenance team.

No doubt about it, an automatic door opener is one of the most complex pieces of equipment that needs care and attention. Just like your car, it needs proper maintenance to work well too. Failing to keep automatic doors serviced properly can cause injuries and delays.

In general, it is the owner’s/management’s responsibility to do the necessary safety checks on automatic doors. While it’s easier to install a new one in place of an automatic door which has broken down, proper maintenance or obtaining a range of servicing options is much better, often being a lot more affordable and less hassle.

In the long run, regularly maintaining your automatic doors saves you a lot of money. Paying for regular maintenance works out to cheaper in the long run, reducing the risks of premature breakages and accidents caused by malfunctions. If you have your automatic doors checked on a regular basis it is possible to avoid any concerns before they manifest themselves.

So how do you properly maintain an automatic door?

The easiest and most successful way to maintain your automatic doors is by contacting a reputable company. These companies are usually responsible for installing doors and making sure that they run smoothly. Both the service and maintenance are commonly packaged together, making them cheaper. Also, you only have to run safety checks twice a year. For high traffic doors, it is recommended that maintenance be performed quarterly. If it helps, you can even ask the servicing company for a list of standard procedures for safety checks, expected costs and scheduled inspections. Just keep in mind that to prevent hassles brought about by automatic door glitches, running regular checks with your automatic doors is essential.