How to Create a Great First Impression before Customers Even Set Foot in Your Business

Whether you’re running a shop, a hotel, a showroom, or an office, you understand the vital importance of first impressions.

The earlier your clients and customers are able to form a favourable impression, the more likely they are to not only do business with you, but also to tell their friends, family, colleagues, and associates about how great you are.

But where does it start? What’s the earliest point at which you can start to make a positive connection?

Well, depending on the nature of your business, your customers might form their initial impression based on:

  • Your website
  • A testimonial or a recommendation from a third party
  • Their initial telephone conversation
  • Their first time using one of your products or services
  • The first time they visit your place of business

We’re afraid we can’t really help you with the first four, but we can be of great help with the fifth. We can make your business premises look far too fantastic to be ignored.

Whether they realise it or not, your clients and customers will begin to form their initial impression from the moment they see your premises for the first time. There’s thus much you can do to subtly dazzle your clients and customers before they even set foot in your building.

As we’ve mentioned before, automatic doors create a fantastic first impression. They give your business premises a professional, sophisticated sheen. Even if it’s on a subconscious level, they’ll make many of your clients and customers view your business in a more positive light.

But depending on the nature of your business and the style of automatic doors you choose, they can also bring a range of additional benefits, all of which go a long way to cementing that crucial first impression.

For example, as well as making it easy for your customers to manoeuvre their trollies, automatic sliding doors also let in a lot of light, making your supermarket a brighter, airier, and altogether more pleasant place to shop.

For banks and other secure buildings, automatic revolving doors allow for a steady stream of people to enter, but they can be locked down at a moment’s notice. They essentially say, then, that your customers are welcome to enter, but only if they’re invited. When installed in banks, revolving doors subtly suggest to customers that their money will be safe here.

Finally, when installed in hospitals and other public buildings, automatic doors of all kinds send a strong message to your visitors – that they’re valued, and that their well-being is important to you.

So no matter what sort of business or building you run, if you want to create an excellent first impression, you could do much worse than install a set of automatic doors.