How Do Automatic Doors Work?

How do automatic doors work?

To start to get an understanding of how automatic doors work we must look at the different types of automatic doors and the reasons which these exists;

Types of Automatic doors

A sliding or swing automatic door operator or automatic door opener is a mechanism usually electro mechanical that operates a door for pedestrian use. It opens the door automatically, holds open and then closes the door.

Sliding doors can be used on the outside doors of large retail businesses. (smaller retail businesses use sliding doors but most prefer swing doors) – a matter of choice or practicality.

A range of automatic doors can be typically found in the High Street on buildings, schools, universities, doctors surgeries, pharmacies and more while Bi-Folding Revolving doors can be typically seen on Banks and Hotels.

An automatic door may be activated in various ways:

  • Approach Sensor (such as a radar sensor) – the door opens when a user approaches it.
  • Push button – the door opens when a user presses a button.
  • Access control – the door opens when the user activates a code reader or a swipe reader with a fob or remote control button. The user is authorised to go through the door and after a pre-determined time (usually set up by the installer) the door closes and locks.
  • Pressure mats, when a user stands on the mat the door opens.

Safety Sensors

An  automatic door operator reopens the door if it closes into an obstacle (auto-reverse) on most modern automatic door operators. However, most automatic doors have sensors installed on them to prevent the door from ever coming into contact with pedestrians using the door.

The simplest sensor is a light beam across the opening.(Photo Cells) An obstacle in the path of the closing door breaks the beam, indicating its presence the door opens.

The modern day automatic doors use Infra-red passive and active and radar sensors (Doppler radar).

BS EN 16005 is the Safety Standard  all automatic doors should be installed and adhered to.

sliding doors

The Automatic Door Suppliers Association (ADSA) is the “umbrella organisation in the UK for automatic door manufacture’s, technicians and installers.

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