Efficient Automatic Doors

We recently talked about the real benefits of automatic doors. In short, they can give any building a welcoming and professional appearance, encouraging footfall while providing a range of security and accessibility benefits.

But beyond this, automatic doors provide one further benefit that’s becoming increasingly vital with every passing year: They make buildings more efficient.

What is Efficient Building?

Efficient building might also be known as green building or sustainable building. It involves designing structures to be environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout their entire life-cycle – including siting, design, construction, maintenance, renovation, and demolition.

Part of this process is to ensure that the building is as efficient as possible throughout its daily operations. As most buildings are designed to stand for years, or even decades, this is obviously a huge task.

Designing a building to be efficient throughout its daily operations isn’t just about finding sustainable sources of water, power, and other supplies. It is equally important to reduce the amount of waste the building produces.

Along with good insulation and an intelligent heating system, automatic doors can actively help buildings to reduce heat loss, making them more efficient overall.

Automatic Doors Conserve Energy

It takes a lot to keep certain buildings warm in the colder months, and cool in the warmer months. But some buildings spend huge amounts on heating and air conditioning, only to let the warm or cool air escape every time the door is opened.

This is a particular issue for buildings that experience high levels of footfall, such as shops, offices, hotels, and public buildings. And these buildings are expensive enough to run as is – so why let heat loss add to your list of expenses?

Automatic doors bypass this problem. Certain styles, such as revolving doors, can significantly reduce heat loss and energy loss while still allowing for a steady stream of visitors to enter and exit the building.

So as well as providing a wealth of accessibility benefits while giving buildings a more professional and welcoming feel, automatic doors can also make buildings more efficient. This means that automatic doors can greatly reduce the amount it costs to operate a building.

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