Rodin Cars

Representing the lifelong vision of founder David Dicker, the Rodin Cars project was officially launched in 2016.

Rodin Cars’ commitment to excellence, high-precision engineering and high-performance components has been developed into an ambitious vehicle, with a V10 engine, that has been adapted to lap a circuit faster than a Grand Prix Formula 1 car. Donnington Park saw the first UK run of the FZED on June 6, 2021.

Automatic Access: Rodin Cars Showroom Entrance

To accommodate a significantly wider car, Automatic Access Ltd. was asked to improve the access to the Rodin Cars showroom – our doors also serve as an automatic entrance for visitors. Although wide enough to drive the FZED in and out, the old manual sliding door needed replacing to improve vehicular access.

The install was a challenge, as the façade was constructed form curtain walling. After removing one of the legs of the curtain walling, it was repositioned and re-glazed to complete the new easy access entrance, while maintaining the prestige of the showroom facility.

Rodin CarsRodin Cars