Automatic Door Installation: Syston Voluntary Centre Leicestershire

Focused on recruiting and placing volunteers, providing appropriate support, developing new ideas and opportunities for bringing the community together, and establishing close links with other statutory and voluntary organisations who could assist in those tasks; Syston and District Volunteer Centre has been providing a range of services to meet the needs of the local community, but especially the old, the infirm and the rurally isolated, since 1977.

With the help of its suppliers, Automatic Access Limited installed a much-needed set of automatic doors to the entrance of the Local Voluntary Organisation. Now offering easy access for all, including those with a disability and the elderly, the Centre was very grateful for the automatic doors, kindly donated by:

Record UK Ltd    Automatic Door Operator Suppliers

Insight Automation Beds Automatic Sliding Door Operators

Kestrel Aluminium Systems Ltd Aluminium Suppliers Birmingham

Through the generosity of these donor organisations, we were able to make and install glazed automatic sliding and internal automatic swing doors to provide disabled-friendly entrances.

We would sincerely like to thank:

Record UK                                   

Insight Automation               

Kestrel Aluminium Systems