Are Automatic Revolving Doors Suited to Your Business Premises?

There’s a reason why so many public buildings make use of automatic revolving doors.

Two reasons, actually.

The first should be obvious: Automatic revolving doors are therefore great for businesses that receive steady levels of footfall throughout the day.

What’s more, automatic revolving doors allow for this constant stream of visitors without letting in any unpleasant draughts. In colder climates, and during the winter months, this protection from the elements is a welcome benefit.

The second reason that so many institutions around the world swear by automatic revolving doors is a little less obvious.

It’s all to do with the subtle message automatic revolving doors send to anybody visiting your business.

And that message is an important one. It can be summed up as follows:

“You’re very welcome here, but only if you’ve been invited.”


When they’re in motion, automatic revolving doors offer just as much of a warm welcome as any other set of automatic doors. But with their thick glass panes and their solid builds, at a glance they look significantly more secure than almost any other option available.

If a public building such as a bank or a university has a set of automatic revolving doors, any would-be intruders must surely know that a touch of a button is all that’s needed to transform that welcoming entrance into a formidable raised drawbridge.

In this way, automatic revolving doors truly offer the best of both worlds: Depending on who’s approaching your building, they can make your premise appear like an open invite, or like an impregnable fortress.

For any public building that deals with sensitive data or vulnerable people, automatic revolving doors are the ideal choice.

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