The Real Benefits of Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are primarily designed to provide ease of access. In many cases, this isn’t just for the sake of convenience. It’s a legal requirement.

Did you know, for example, that if your building is open to the public, then you’re legally required under the Disability Discrimination Act to improve accessibility for all visitors? In this case, automatic doors are an ideal solution.

But beyond making it as easy as possible for visitors, customers, patients, and employees to enter and exit your building, automatic doors offer one very important additional benefit.

Put simply, they confer status, subtly creating a strong, positive impression in the minds of whoever uses them.

When installed in shops, they make shop fronts appear bright, open, and welcoming. If properly installed, they can make the shop feel more stylish and inviting. They don’t just make it easier for shops to accommodate larger levels of footfall, they can also work to encourage additional footfall. In their own way, automatic doors can actively boost sales.

When installed in hospitals, universities, and other public buildings, as well as making it easier to manoeuvre beds, wheelchairs, and other bulky objects, automatic doors can also create an air of friendly professionalism, or even cleanliness – essential qualities for any public institution.

Finally, when installed in banks and other secure locations, automatic revolving doors send a highly specific message – that you’re welcome to enter, but even if you’ve been invited. As well as communicating high standards of professionalism to regular customers, revolving doors can also send a strong message to would-be criminals – that this institution is secure. The overall message, then, is the sort of message that all banks want to send – that your money is safe here.

Automatic doors are thus a vital solution for all businesses. Increased ease of access is important in itself. However, perhaps much more important than what automatic doors can do is what they can communicate – about you, your business, and your values.