Approval for Exciting New Apprenticeship for the Automatic Door Industry

As one of the participants involved in its creation, Automatic Access is thrilled to hear that the Department of Education has approved the first stage of the Trailblazer Apprenticeship Scheme. We have been working on this with other manufacturers and installers on behalf of our whole industry and we aim to be training the first apprentices at some stage this year. This means that the Apprenticeship Standard for Automatic Door Installer and Servicer has now been published.

Why are we so passionate about this opportunity?

We believe that installing and servicing automatic doors is a specialist occupation that involves a comprehensive skillset. From the key stages of planning, preparing and then carrying out the work safely and efficiently, the art that is developed will need to apply to a wide range of environments and locations and to many different types of automatic access doors – including swing, sliding, folding, balanced and revolving.

Which key work areas will be included?

Installers and servicers provide routine maintenance and fault finding procedures, as well as performing the installation, commissioning and decommissioning of doors. After the training programme is completed, it is vital that those carrying out these tasks can work effectively with others without the need for constant supervision; from those involved in new builds to liaising with building maintenance and management staff.

What knowledge, skills and attitudes will the apprentices need to develop?

The starting point is obvious: an in-depth understanding of the engineering principles involved in the safe operation of powered doors – including their drive systems, sensors and switches, switching technology and the like.

However, there are many other considerations that are included in the new syllabus. These include:

• Knowledge of the relevant UK and international standards; and of technical, environmental and health and safety legislation

• Appreciation of the industry Codes of Practice, covering both relevant technical safety and legislation areas

• A clear understanding of charts, diagrams, tables, architectural drawings, door speed calculations, energy levels, force gauges – to be applied effectively with the relevant data

These are defined clearly and in considerable depth in the published document – providing powerful guidance for employers wishing to recruit an apprentice and training organisations who would work to make these apprenticeships available.

What kind of people are the participants likely to be?

Again, in the document seven clear disciplines are identified. These include the ability to take personal responsibility, self-motivation, self-discipline in risk environments, attention to detail and a commitment to producing quality work – as well as being adaptable and having the capacity to clearly communicate on different levels.

The end result we are aiming to achieve

The Trailblazer Apprenticeship is expected to last for two years, with a detailed follow-up review after three. Automatic Access passionately believes that this is an opportunity and one that must be grabbed with both hands! To be able to welcome a new generation of engineers that will be educated and trained to a high standard will take our industry to even higher levels of professionalism, across the board.

You can find access to the full document here.

If you have any questions or if you would like any further information, call the Automatic Access team on 0116 26950505 – we will be more than happy to help!