5 Years of Sainsbury’s Christmas Adverts

Every November, we look forward to the first of the year’s Christmas adverts appearing on our television screens to mark the arrival of the festive period. One brand that never fails to impress with its Christmas ads is supermarket chain Sainsbury’s – but can you remember their ads from the last five years? Here’s a recap for you…


2013 – Christmas in a day

In 2013, Sainsbury’s asked families all over the UK to capture their Christmas celebrations on film. The footage was sewn together to create a 50-minute film that was released on YouTube for the world to enjoy. Clips from the film were used as television ads, sharing special moments such as families putting up their Christmas trees, leaving treats out for Father Christmas and his reindeer, kids waking up to presents on Christmas morning, adults working out timings for Christmas lunch, heart-warming footage of a dad returning from Afghanistan for Christmas as a surprise for his kids and more.


2014 – Christmas is for sharing

The following year, Sainsbury’s partnered with The Royal British Legion – and to celebrate their partnership, they recreated the legendary Christmas football match of 1914 between British and German First World War troops. The ad starts with both forces singing Silent Night simultaneously in their own languages, before cautiously leaving the trenches to share stories and photos. The two sides then enjoy a football match, before a young German and Brit reach into their pockets after returning to the trenches to find a gift from the other.


2015 – Mog’s Christmas Calamity

Judith Kerr’s character Mog the Cat was revived for this 2015 ad, which saw the accident-prone feline entering the kitchen late on Christmas Eve and unintentionally causing chaos. The ad begins with her catching her tail in the Christmas lights in her sleep, which starts a chain of events that includes the oven turning on. The smell of burning wakes the cat and as she jumps up to investigate, she accidentally dials the fire service, sends pans clattering to the floor, destroys the carefully laid breakfast table, crushes the presents, ruins the tree and more. The fire service arrives and proclaims that Mog has saved the day…but the house is destroyed. Neighbours rally together to clear things up and share their own Christmases with Mog’s family. The ad continues the “Christmas is for sharing” theme that Sainsbury’s ran in 2014.


2016 – The Greatest Gift

At three minutes and 20 seconds, the 2016 Sainsbury’s Christmas ad was, at that point, the longest ever British TV ad. It told the story of dad Dave, who’s finding that searching for the greatest presents for his family is a challenge, with work and other obstacles getting in his way in the build up to the big day. After he finds a gingerbread model of himself on his daughter’s bedside table, he has a brainwave: heading to the toy factory where he works, he creates clones of himself to do all the boring jobs, giving him the greatest gift of all – the time to spend with his family. It’s a feel-good ad that focuses on what’s really important at Christmas.


2017 – #everybitofChristmas

To celebrate what the festive period really means to each and every one of us, this year’s Sainsbury’s advert has stuck with a fun and catchy tune that’s sung by members of the public, celebrities and Sainsbury’s employees. As a real sing-a-long, scrolling lyrics and a bouncing Brussels sprout encourage everyone at home to join in. It covers all sorts of traditions, from eating chocolate coins for breakfast to receiving novelty socks as a gift. It’ll get stuck in your head…

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