AUTOMATIC ACCESS 10 years of installing automatic doors for easy access solutions to buildings.

2015 marks the date that Automatic Access Limited celebrates its 10th anniversary in the Automatic Door Industry, providing easy access to entrances with a range of automatic door products. What an amazing 10 years it has been!

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, it’s been with mixed feelings to look back on the dramatic changes the business has endured.

In the early part of the development and operation of the business sales and profits exceeded our initial budgets, and then the recession came!

Our marketing then as of now mainly concentrated on web based marketing through pay per click and SEO. In 2004 SEO was relatively simple using links “and sometimes not so relevant links”. Pay per click, also very simple and the two things together kept us on page one for years. We then had Googles’ algorithm changes, as lay people in the world of SEO caused us like many other small firms problems with keeping our presence on the web on page one.

Despite the recession we continued to do quite well but not the growth we expected, this started to change in in 2014 and the business started growing again and continues to do so in 2015. We are expecting our best year to date!

From the small beginnings of installing mainly swing and sliding doors we progressed to installing, curtain walling aluminium doors & shop fronts, revolving doors, telescopic doors, bi-folding doors into a diverse range of sectors.

We even installed 25 swing door units in the Trauma Hospital in Kandahar Afghanistan during the War. Not for the faint hearted engineers amongst us!

Our product portfolio now includes roller shutter doors, car park barriers and underfloor operators where access for a conventional automatic door unit is prohibitive.

We continue to build on service contracts for existing customers and installations we have carried out. We will even take on automatic doors we have not installed, maintain them repairing and replacing where necessary for new customers.

We should not forget the new BS EN 16005 that caused a stir in April 2013 despite this all our engineers have the new qualification are proud to install to the new safety standard.

Here’s looking forward to another 10 years.